Munich Leadership Colloquium

The aim of the Munich Leadership Colloquium is the discussion of research related to leadership and behavior in organizations. PhD students and Postdocs from the Chair of Research and Science Management and other Munich-based research groups as well as external guest speakers from national and international universities present their work. More specifically, presenters talk about interesting research results or ongoing research and research ideas.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Ulf Steinberg (

Date Time Name Title Room
25.04.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Anna Brzykcy Danger of good intentions: The effect of severe disability label on socialization at work 0505.Z.538
09.05.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Ulf Steinberg Why Your Boss Thinks Differently of that Project: Power Influences the Evaluation of Arguments 0505.EG.514
23.05.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Dr. Daniel Thiemann DigiTraIn4.0–Instrumente für den erfolgreichen Wandel ins Arbeiten 4.0 0505.EG.514
06.06.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. David Kaplan Team Sky: Competing Paradigms of Shared Leadership 0505.EG.514
06.06.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Regina Dutz A Gender Perspective on Success Factors in Academia / Conjoint Analyse 0505.EG.514
13.06.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Anna Brzykcy Is telework good or bad for sleep? Evidence from a matching estimator 0505.EG.514
13.06.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Jakub Cichor Investigating leadership styles with social robots 0505.EG.514
27.06.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Hannah Kunde & Franziska Emmerling Implicit Evaluation Paradigm: First results of a paradigm validation 0505.EG.544
27.06.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Leidy Cubillos & Franziska Emmerling Conditional rule breaking: an innovative concept. First results served! 0505.EG.544
04.07.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Ulf Steinberg Power in Organizations: Theoretical and Empirical Advances 0505.Z.532
04.07.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Maxim Egorov Moral Foundation Sensitivity: A Perspective Specific Moral Foundation Approach 0505.Z.532
11.07.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Prof. Dr. James Corner Teamwork Revisited: Unpacking the Give and Take of Team Member Exchange 0505.EG.514
11.07.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Selina Stracke & Kristin Knipfer When teams merely express their concern and therefore do not learn: Introducing team rumination 0505.EG.514
18.07.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Stephanie Rehbock Academic Careers 0505.EG.514
25.07.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Alina Gales Technology is power. A theoretical argumentation for technology as a new intersectional category 0505.EG.514

TUM: Arcisstr. 21; Entrance Luisenstraße corner Theresienstraße on the intermediate floor

EEC: Leopoldstr. 139; 2nd floor