Munich Leadership Colloquium

The aim of the Munich Leadership Colloquium is the discussion of research related to leadership and behavior in organizations. PhD students and Postdocs from the Chair of Research and Science Management and other Munich-based research groups as well as external guest speakers from national and international universities present their work. More specifically, presenters talk about interesting research results or ongoing research and research ideas.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Ulf Steinberg (

Datum Zeit Name Titel Raum
14.11.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Regina Dutz What signaling family friendliness in recruitment material tells potential applicants 0505.Z.577
14.11.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Ulf Steinberg Power in Organizations: Theoretical and Empirical Advances 0505.Z.577
28.11.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Maxim Egorov Moral Intuition: A Novel Perspective on Ethically-Oriented Leadership and Ethically-Oriented Leader Development 0505.Z.577
05.12.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Erica Bettac National Work-Family Policies: Multilevel Effects on Employee Reactions to Work/Family Conflict 0505.Z.536
05.12.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Alina Gales Perceptions of self versus the own social group: (mis)conceptions of older women's interest in technology 0505.Z.536
12.12.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Selina Stracke When Teams Develop a Discussion Obsession and Therefore Stall in Their Progression: Introducing Team Rumination 0505.Z.577
12.12.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Prof. Dr. Peter Fischer The OCB Coin: Blockchainbased influence on organizational behavior - initial considerations on the organizational psychology of distributed ledger technology 0505.Z.577
19.12.19 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Anna Brzykcy Direction of the effect between work-family conflict and strain: A replication and extension 0505.Z.577
19.12.19 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Laura Klimecki Positive Leadership: Trained to be a good leader 0505.Z.577
16.01.20 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Ira Ronzheimer Creating Vignettes for Situational Leadership Behaviour
16.01.20 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Hannah Kunde Validation of newly developed vignettes describing leaders’ situational behaviours according to different leadership styles. 0505.Z.577
23.01.20 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Hannah Kunde Data visualisation - thought differently 0505.Z.577
23.01.20 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Leidy Yurani Cubillos Pinilla Conditional rule breaking and its relationship to entrepreneurship: a neurocognitive approach 0505.Z.577
30.01.20 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Jakub Cichor Virtual Reality Public Speaking Training: Experimental Evaluation of Technology and Feedback Acceptance 0505.Z.577
30.01.20 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Franziska Emmerling Destructive leadership - current challenges on the levels of measurement and constructs 0505.Z.577
06.02.20 10:30 s.t. - 11:15 s.t. Stephanie Rehbock Early career shocks and identity work over time 0505.Z.577
06.02.20 11:15 s.t. - 12:00 s.t. Rouven Kanitz The Human Side of Organizational Change: Synthesizing and Bridging Research Across Disciplines 0505.Z.577

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