Finding the Best Talents


„Human communities depend upon a diversity of talent, not a singular conception of ability.“
Sir Ken Robinson




The university workplace reflects an increasingly diverse and global society. Science and research institutions in Germany are recruiting talent not only domestically but also globally. As such, it is central to the success of these science and research institutions to find and support the best talents. Regardless, the challenge remains: how to select personnel so that employees with diverse cultural, personal and professional backgrounds can work together effectively?

In this workshop, we will communicate how universities can benefit from the latest research in diversity and multiculturalism in personnel and staff selection.

Your take away

  • You will receive a compact overview of the current scientific evidence on the success factors of recruitment, selection and retention of talent. 
  • You will be able to test out the practical implementation of established selection and recruiting methods for diversity as it applies to your own examples. 
  • You will discuss with experts the best practice examples of recruitment and retention of heterogeneous and diverse talents.
  • You will learn about the onboarding process and how to integrate new people into working in a diverse environment.
  • You will discuss how to manage your relationship with your managers as well as with your employees.


We will present the latest research results about recruiting, selecting, and engaging talent. We address questions, for example, such as what makes your unit attractive to diverse talent, how to recruit and select the best employees for your unit and finally, how to ensure that the employees in heterogeneous networks successfully integrate to create and maintain a productive work climate.

We will organize short exercises in which you, individually or in groups, put the personnel selection techniques to the test. These include creating job specifications, evaluation of application materials, and testing interview techniques.

Seminar date (February)

10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Room Z577

The instructor
Dr. Ellen Schmid 
(Munich Business School) 
Regina Dutz, M.Sc.


This course is part of the TUM Tenure Track Academy. Please register by using the online registration form.