Dr. Daniel Thiemann introduces DigiTraIn 4.0 in the Munich Leadership Colloquium


Support for SMEs that want to jump on the digitization train

Dr. Daniel Thiemann is a post-doctoral researcher at the ESB Business School in Reutlingen and a professional in the fields of change and the digital transformation. Invited by the Research Lab Leadership | Learning | Innovation, he introduced the project DigiTraIn 4.0 in our Munich Leadership Colloquium  on Thursday, May 23rd. By providing four tools, the project supports SMEs that are concerned with questions such as “What does digitization mean for the work in our firm?”, “How digital is our firm already?”, “How digital should our firm be in the future?”, and finally “How do we specifically achieve the digital transformation in our firm?”. 

With the project DigiTraIn 4.0, he and his team make an important contribution in taking up vital issues of the digital transformation. In doing so, they take a holistic perspective and consider the organizational, group, and individual level in organizations. More information about the project and the tools can be found on the project website

We thank Daniel for presenting his interesting work and look forward to collaborate with him in the future.